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Expert profile Gunter Denk

Dr. Gunter Denk – Expert profile and list of Publications

Entrepreneur and Lawyer Dr. Gunter Denk gained over 25 years of experience as a manager and co-owner of an internationally active manufacturing company and most ultimately as a board member of a Chinese company listed in Hong Kong with over 11,000 employees.

Denk is the much-cited author of the highly regarded reference books “Asia for SMEs – Strategies not Illusions”, “Asia for Professionals” and numerous expert publications. He is an internationally renowned speaker on Asian Business and Culture.

In 2004, Denk decided to dedicate his operational and legal experience at the service of Western companies when they globalized into Asia. He initially set up industrial consultancies in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Germany, under whose umbrella he brought together hands-on marketing and technical experts from various industries to serve the clients.

As SANET ASEAN ADVISORS, the group has since focused on ASEAN countries. Today, the Sanet Group includes not only the core business of management consulting, but also the law firm Sanet Legal Ltd., the intercultural recruiting specialists of CREATING CAREERS and the sales and technical services company Sanet Trade & Services. In this field, the group provides technical and sales services, which are now used by more than 20 renowned companies as a contractual entry into the Thai market.

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