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German consulting in Thailand & Southeast Asia for every type of corporate situation


With specialized companies and fields of business, the Sanet Group offers western companies professional and reliable consulting for all kinds of business challenges in Southeast Asia.

This is Sanet

Sanet was founded in 2003 in Germany and just one year later in Thailand and Hong Kong. Sanet stood for “Strategic Alliance Networks”, a network of experienced industry managers. Their goal was to support Western companies in investing and entering the Chinese and ASEAN markets. It quickly became apparent that Thailand and the ASEAN countries were becoming serious competitors for China as an investment country. As a result, this region became the focus and “Sanet” became the SANET.

ASEAN Advisiors

Meanwhile, Sanet HQ in Bangkok developed into the “one-stop service” in all special corporate situations. The group grew into four business units working together under the name of Sanet (Thailand) Co. Ltd, Sanet Trade and Services Ltd. and Sanet Legal Ltd. The business areas include investment consulting, management consulting, restructuring, market and potential analysis, industry representation, legal services, as well as our recruitment agency in Thailand under the brand “Creating Careers”.

Sanet Consultants and legal advisors

Sanet Trade & Services

Representative offices

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Company brochure

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