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Thought of the day

Right or woke – I just want to do things right!

“Just before I fell asleep, I jumped up in bed in horror: What had just happened to me? What was bursting out of me? How long had this undetected evil been smoldering inside me?

It was during my night prayers when I first became shockingly aware of what an inner enemy of the state was slumbering inside myself! I had just asked the Lord in my prayer to lead me on the right path! You heard it right! On the “right” path! Lead! The path against which the woke and the “righteous”, no, sorry, the awakened and the “lefties” are fiercely fighting with missionary zeal?

It was time to reflect.”

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I failed …

… because I had not succeeded in a whimsical “Thoughts of the Day” since I had written “Corona- all because of me!” Please forgive me, but it was simply too difficult: Satire lives of absurd exaggerations of observations…

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Corona – all because of me?

I am a high risk! Almost 70 years old, obese (for non-Latin people: too fat), the rhythm of my heart is now as uncontrolled as the rhythm of my dance steps in the Cha-Cha-Cha-Course of my early youth. And I have been fond of wine since my first delirium as a guest of a student fraternity in beautiful Würzburg. So in me the Corona virus finds a “host” in the truest sense of the word, who has set the table perfectly for the ominous guest.

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“I am not discussing this with you…”

by Gunter Denk – I have been living in Asia for a long time, which is why I am not surprised when friendliness is used to make up for lack of competence. At the same time, as a German, I am also not surprised when competent professionals are somewhat cold and unfriendly. 

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“We love tourists…

… …. because they bring us their money.” . An admission that starts like this might be considered a surprisingly honest one. But that is not the end of the sentence: “But we would love them even more if they just left their money at the airports and then flew back home.”

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Revealed: German “dual training” of craftsmen in Thailand!

Somchai had to be the right man to do business with! He bought German glass-cutting machinery, loved red wine and drove a Mercedes. He even called his business “Thai-German”. Of all the craftsmen in Thailand, he was surely the one to choose when you want a glass wall cabinet for your modern conference room.

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Orientation guide

Those who travel through other countries on a daily basis quickly lose their bearings. Then, even the smallest observations can help to identify your location. For example, if you observe that morning dog walkers do not.

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