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A management position in Thailand is a business dream for many cosmopolitan managers from Europe. However, finding a job in Thailand is by no means easy. Stringent requirements for a work permit, high schooling costs for children and only limited chances of being appointed as an external manager from European HQ are significant risks. Nevertheless, CREATING CAREER, the recruitment platform of Sanet ASEAN Advisors & Manpower, has often been able to help on a job search in Thailand.

CREATING CAREERS offers applicants several options and benefits when looking for a job in Thailand:

  • You may start by introducing yourself anonymously or with a full CV to the 16,000 LinkedIn contacts and the more than 19,000 recipients of our regular newsletters.
  • At no time will data be forwarded without the applicant’s consent. Even employers who are interested in the applicant will only receive information from CREATING CAREERS if the applicant has first had the opportunity to familiarize himself with their company.
  • The presentation is free of charge. Only in the event of success, in other words if the applicant finds a job, he or she will pay one agreed monthly salary to Sanet.
  • The presentation is posted on the CREATING CAREERS website free of charge for up to half a year.


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He is a creative and flexible thinker who brings a unique mindset to lead businesses to growth. He also has a large network and strong people connections in the region.

The candidate is the ideal sales manager for small and medium sized companies looking to build or expand their regional presence in APAC.

As a Senior Executive or Member of a Board of Directors he is the ideal support for business seeking competent leadership or advise to expend or establish its operation in Thailand and above.

As a Thai Citizen he is entitled to hold majority shares in Thai companies and to serve on the Board of PLC at Thai Stock Exchange.

After 5 years of professional experience as a PR Manager, the author of more than 1,500 articles in the travel industry is now looking for a position in Thailand in the PR or travel industry, but remains flexible for all industries that can benefit from his experience in project management and PR.